Market Segments

KW Associates is a proud manufacturer’s representative of quality products to the electric utility market. We’ve been in business since 1980 and we take pride in being a leader in our field. Please see below to learn more about the electric utility markets that we cater to.

Communications                                                                                                                                                 With the ever changing Utility Market needs, a main KW specialty lies with the communication requirements of our customers.  The ever changing focus of the Transmission Grid, Substation and Distribution automation, and Smart Grid inclusion require high bandwidth data transfer.  Our optical solutions are the best in the industry and include: Cables (OP-GW, ADSS, Loose Tube), Patch Panels, Fiber Test Equipment, Connectors (Fusion and Mechanical), Hardware, Fiber Splicers, and Installation Equipment.

Transmission: Overhead and Underground
KW Associates focuses on all aspects of transmission line equipment such as: Overhead and Underground High Voltage Conductors, Insulators, Connectors, Structures, Tools, Conduit, and SCADA. With typical voltage ranging from 69kV and up, transmission lines are the backbone of the electrical system.

KW Associates has all the products and knowledge to ensure that Generation Sub, Transmission Sub, and Distribution Sub customer projects are completed on time and on or under budget. We offer a wide variety of substation products including: Substation Structures, Equipment (Breakers, Switches, Transformers, Regulators, etc.), Insulators,
Grounding, Connectors, Relays, Communication Equipment and Tools.

Distribution: Overhead and Underground
KW Associates is proud to bring solutions to our customers regarding both overhead and underground distribution (>1000V to Conduit, Steel and Composite Poles, Pole Line Hardware, Terminations, Splices, Switchgear, and Capacitor Controls and Testers.

Lighting: Fixtures, Lamps, Poles, and Controls
KW Associates proudly serves our customers with both product and knowledge of the HID and green LED lighting product base. Lighting products include: HID fixtures, LED Fixtures, Troubleshooting tools, Aluminum, Steel, and Composite Fiberglass Poles, and Lighting Controls.

Low Voltage: Overhead and Underground
KW Associates focuses on the need to bring power to our home and commercial customers. This is what drives the utility business. Low Voltage products include: Conductors (overhead and underground), Connectors (overhead and underground), Conduit, Service boxes, and Pedestals.

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