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HV Circuit Breakers
Dead Tank – 38 kV up to 550kV, up to 63kA 5000A Incl 345KV
Live Tank – 69kV up to 800kV, up to 63kA 4000A
Circuit Switchers – 69kV up to 800kV, to 63kA, 4000A

Generator Circuit Breakers
In A 4000 A up to 50000 A
Isc 50 kA up to 275 kA

HV Disconnect Switches
Vertical Break – 69 - 800 kV
Center Break - 69 - 550 kV
VEE Center Break - 72.5 - 170kV
Double Side Break - 72.5 - 800kV
Semi-Pantograph - 123 – 800 kV
Full Pantograph - 123 – 1050 kV
Knee Type - 245 - 800 kV
Grounding Switches - 72.5 - 800 kV
Ground Interrupter Switches -72.5 - 800 kV
Power Connectors

HV Instrument Transformers
PT/VT/OTEF 69 kV up to 800 kV
CCVT/OTCF 69 kV up to 800 kV
CT/OSKF & CM/KOTEF 69 kV up to 800 kV
CM/KOTEF 69 kV up to 362 kV

HV Digital Inst Transf (DIT) Nxtphase
Optical CT & Combined Metering Units-COSI for protection and measurement

Air Core Reactors
SC Current Limiting <345 kV
Neutral Grounding
TCR (Thristor Controlled)
Shunt & Load Balancing
Filter & Smoothing (Harmonics)
Arc Furnace

up to 800KV, 5000A

HV Gas Insulated Switchgear
69 kV up to 800kV, up to 63kA, 5000A

Power Transformers
up to 800 kV and 2750 MVA
GSU Transformers
Special Transformers
Series and Shunt Reactors

AC Substation

EPC Project Solutions (PSD) Canton, OH
Air Insulated Substations
Gas Insulated Substations
Switching Stations

Power Electronics
FACTS Solutions (SVC, STATCOM, FSC, TCSC) and Installations

Capacitor Banks & Capacitors(formerly Nokian) Tampere, Finland
HVDC Systems & Products
VSC Technology

Automation Systems & Support – EMS,DMS, MMS
Market Management Software
Large SCADA / EMS / DMS Software
Substation Control Systems (e-terracontrol)
Process Bus Compliant IEC 61850

Bushings-Passoni & Villa
Condensor Bushings
Epoxy Bonded Paper
Resin Impregnated Paper
Oil Impregnated Paper
SF6 Insulated

HV Services & After Sales Service
Maintenance, repair, erection & commissioning
Lifecycle Maintenance
Extended warranty
Spare Parts

Circuit Breakers/Switchgear-Technical
Transformer & Breaker Field Services–R.B. Watkins
Transformer Services
Alstom/Areva Breaker Services

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