As a Representative leader in the electric Utility market, KW Associates offers a vast array of services to compliment our product offerings and build successful relationships between the manufacturers we represent and our clients. We are committed to staying abreast of the evolving needs of our customers and the changing technologies of our industry so that we are a resource for both our customers and manufacturers. From contract negotiation, to product implementation, training, and troubleshooting, we are there for our customers every step of the way. Please see below for a more complete listing of our services.

contract signing
Contract Negotiation and Management
KW Associates’ role as lead in contract negotiations and management is unsurpassed. We act as mediator and advocate for both customers and manufacturers to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship is established when entering into long-term contracts. Special care is taken to review and communicate key items such as Terms and Conditions, manufacturer responsibilities, Customer requirements, and market conditions, all of which play an integral role in a successful contract negotiation. After the initial contract is signed, KW Associates constantly reviews items such as raw material indices, product lead time changes, approval drawing review, and many more aspects of material contracts and continues to facilitate successful communications between Customer and Manufacturer around these key items.

Product Training and Evaluation
KW Associates plays a key role in product training and product evaluation. We understand that our Utility customers are unique. What works well for one customer may not work well for another. That’s why our in-the-field, on-the-job expertise is shared on a customer-by-customer basis. We offer installation oversight and assistance, classroom style training, and product demonstration. Furthermore, we focus on application and work methods to assist each customer, and bring professionally trained staff the customer’s door so that they may evaluate each product in every individual situation.

signingSpecification Review
KW Associates works directly with Customer Engineering to review specifications and provide valuable comments and suggestions based on manufacturer interaction.

VMI Oversight
As a value add to most customers, KW Associates is highly involved in Vendor Managed Inventory when desired. We are highly experienced in facilitating an extremely successful VMI program.

Field Evaluations
KW Associates understands that promoting and increasing new product sales requires both vendor and customer involvement. We send our experienced personnel to you, out into the field, to assist and oversee product evaluations and presentations.

Market Analysis
As a Representative market leader, KW Associates knows the importance of keeping up with Utility market trends, customer requirements, and customer projects. By keeping focused on where the market is headed, we are able to help our clients stay ahead of their competition.

KW Associates understands that communication is key to troubleshooting field or product issues. We focus on proper application and training; however, when troubleshooting is required, KW Associates reacts quickly and stays the course until a resolution is found.

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